About Me

Hey there. Thanks for visiting my website.  After four careers – on and off camera and microphone, I am FINALLY enjoying my dream career.  My many experiences – professional and personal – have collectively prepared me for my work as a voice over actor.

I have been performing in one form or another since I was 10.  I eventually learned that I would probably not set the world on fire as a pianist or a dancer – small hands and short legs – that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!  But my voice is another story.  For years, I sang with a local band and enjoyed acting and singing in various theatre groups.  Eventually, I found myself in a television studio and worked as a talk show host, weather anchor, feature reporter, movie reviewer, cooking show host, and staff announcer.

Soooo…I am experienced at using my voice to sing beautiful music, create theatrical characters, report community events, provide a voice for hundreds of tv and radio commercials, narrate feature stories and exhibits, and host a variety of community events.  In other words….my experience has provided me with the tools to meet any of your voice over needs.

My voice can be soft and gentle for childrens’ narration, warm and conversational for general narration work or phone messaging, friendly and genuine for commercials, engaging and compelling for audiobook narration, and animated and imaginative for special projects.

I hope that you will check out my demos and and audiobook samples and let me know if you think that I might be able to help with your next voice project.